CMS Ares

5 – axis machining center

5-axis high speed machining center

Integrated machining center for vertical milling, ideal for composite materials, aluminum, light alloys and metals processing. The advanced design of its structures and the result of CMS’s continuous investments in R&D with the sophisticated technological solutions adopted, provide rigidity and precision over time, and exceptional movement dynamics. These features guarantee quality finishing levels, unparalleled accuracy and a high productivity level.

  • Very large working areas for maximum productivity freedom, wide range of electrospindles, fully designed and manufactured within the SCM Group.
  • Wide configurability of the working areas (single zone or pendular cycle).
  • Precision suited to the most demanding applications (aerospace, motor sports, etc.)

CMS Adaptive Technology, function integrated into the control that allows the operator to achieve maximum removal parameters of material on a specific surface by simply calling up the relevant mapping. CMS Adaptive Technology significantly reduces cycle times on complex surfaces without compromising the finishing quality and precisions.

5-Axis high speed CNC macining centers for composites, aluminum and carbon fiber processing

 Movable-bridge machining centers specifically designed for high speed processing of composite materials and light alloys, providing exceptional motion dynamics to ensure high productivity. The advanced structural design avoids machining vibration and achieves excellent finishing quality.

  • Very large working areas for the maximum production freedom Wide range of electrospindles, designed and manufactured inside SCM Group
  • Broad variety of working areas (single zone or tandem cycle)
  • Accuracies ensure suitability for the most demanding machining operations (aerospace, motor sport, etc.)
  • CMS Adaptive Technology integrated into the control which allows the user to achieve the maximum material removal rates from a given surface simply by specifying the most suitable adaptive strategy in the part program. Adaptive Technology allows a complex surface to be produced in significantly reduced cycle times without reducing the surface quality or accuracy

Technical data for CMS Ares

Nominal Power
15 kW
24.000 rpm
Tool Changer
Manual and automatic
Tool Holder
Working Area

6000x2600x1200mm (B±120° -±270°)

CNC Control


Processable materials

Composites, Wood, Plastics, XPS, EPS, Aluminum



The advanced design of the structure, a result of CMS’ research centre, and the technical solutions adopted guarantee rigidity and precision over time so that the high finish and accuracy of the workpieces remains a constant feature of your production over the years. The accuracy of ARES CMS boasts the industry’s best-in-class performance in its category: +23% machining precision and accuracy.


Ares has large-sized working areas to offer maximum space availability and new production opportunities. The wide configurability of the working areas with the possibility of alternate machining and the availability of versions with extractable tables (APC) and rotary tables (TR) makes Ares the solution that can really transform every company.


All the electrospindles are fully designed and constructed within the group and are the result of 30 years of experience and ongoing innovation. The wide range allows our Customers to always choose the electrospindle that provides the ideal torque, power and speed for their own machining requirements, thus enhancing the productivity of their machining center. Besides, it is possible to match the milling units with ultrasonic cutting units by combining the two technologies, obtaining exceptional synergy in the machining of core materials.


Designed for maximum efficiency in dust management, it is equipped with the most advanced retention and suction systems to guarantee cleanliness of the working environment, safety for operators and total reliability, which are the indispensable prerequisites for achieving the highest levels of production efficiency.

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